Established in June 2013 with the sole mission of assisting the disabled children, and other disadvantaged
citizens of North Bali to achieve a better quality of life. 
Starting out as a ‘Not for Profit’ Social Enterprise Coffee shop
& Diner, 
it became a fully registered Charity in February of 2015.

To help North Bali’s disabled and most disadvantaged citizens The Global Village Foundation focuses
on 3 main areas; Healthcare, Housing, & Education.

We pass through this world but once. Any good, therefore, that we can do, or any kindness we can show to any human being, let us do it now. Let us not defer it or neglect it, for we shall not pass this way again

Clean Water for

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This is an extremely important and necessary to have you guys for reaching our hopes, and dreams, and goals. People need you as much as they need the rest of us!

Anna DoeLos Angeles, CA

My group of volunteers would like to comment on the professional and fast organization of all the main and vital processes. This guarantees a success.

Mila LarsonSpringfield, OH

We hope and pray that all these programs are adopted in all kindness organizations. Thank you for all your hard work, it means a lot.

Carl JackmanPhiladelphia, PA

Their performance in the most dangerous cases was extremely successful. As a result of this collaboration, rescue missions did happen. Thanks a lot to you and your awesome team!

Ceasar HortonNew York, NY