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New ‘WHEELCHAIRS FOR KIDS’ wheelchairs for Komang & Kadek

February 2 2019.

Two more beautiful young children living with disabilities, this time from Kabutambahan district of North Bali received their new ‘WHEELCHAIRS FOR KIDS’ wheelchairs from the Global Village team on Saturday 2nd February.

Kadek Sakti (age 9) of Tamblang Village and Komang Ari Cahyani (also age 9) of Bila Village were born normal after full term pregnancies, but both were affected by brain damaging Viral infections when they very young. Kadek at just one month, and Komang at 3 years.
The new wheelchairs will both improve their postures, & make life cosiderably more comfortable, plus a little easier on both the children, and their parents, as both children were getting just that bit too heavy to be carried any distance

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