To make the lives of the people we look after in Bali as comfortable as possible and provide funds to
send children to school who otherwise would not get a education

Since 2000 I have been going to Bali at first helping people in need with various mostly medical problems. After the Bali Bombings in 2002 I teamed up with some other Australians helping wherever we could. In 2005 in Singaraja I went to the Inaugeral meeting held by a HIV Aids Foundation from Denpasar and have been involved with them ever since. I was asked If I could help some children from Aids Affected families by way of finding sponsors to put them through school. This I did and since 2005 children from Aids affected families are still being sponsored. If I get asked for help I go to the family house and assess before I commit to finding a sponsor


I have now got 26 sponsored children 4 of which are being sponsored for the first time this year and one who’s sponsor from last year was unable to sponsor again this year but fortunately I was able to get another for her.
From June 2015 to june 2016 was a very busy year for me as I have now joined forces with Global Village Foundation a registered charity in Lovina Bali so Bali Hearts will now be part of Global Village Foundation which for me means they can take over looking after my sponsored children when ( as youth is not on my side) in a few years time I will not be able to ride a motor bike up the mountain roads or climb up and down hills etc as I do now but of course I will still be around for the next 5 years at least.
Over the last 18 months I have been out with GVF delivering wheelchairs to disabled children/Adults fundraising to continue our disabled housing programme Up to now we have helped 6 families with building projects
Attended a Conference in UK on Ichtyhosis a incurable skin condition as we have children/adults we look after with Ichtyhosis
Five children from this family have and are sponsored  Martini 18 working in a Beauty Salon Kerti is Married Gede is in Junior High School and Angelina and Juliani in Elementary school.  When I first assessed them they had no kitchen no bathroom/toilet or water We built a bathroom with a donation from Tom a friend of one of our sponsors  we paid the water bill so water was restored the parents built a makeshift kitchen themselves.
The bikes where bought for  them from a fundraiser by a sponsor in Australia

First Children to be sponsored

Km is now married with a child, Ratah is in 3rd year Senior school
and Budi is in 2nd year Senior High School.