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I Nyoman Jasa

Nyoman Jase is 23 years old. He lives in Renditin (A small village in the mountains 1 hour east of Lovina) with his Mother, Father & Sister.

He and his sister were with a severe form of rare Genetic abnormality called Ichthyosis (Ichtyosis is a Genetic disorder where the body is unable to regulate skin repair & replacement. This causes a scaly and irritated Skin condition. There is no cure).

As a result of the disease Nyoman and his sister both have severe disabilities in their hands, and feet. Despite the many challenges life has given them. They are very happy & intelligent people with loving parents. Because of the extreme skin condition and other disabilities Nyoman has never been able to attend school yet he has taught himself to read and write, and with a new laptop computer recently given to him by the Global Village Foundation, he is now teaching himself Computer skills. He will be affected by his condition his whole life.

Global Village Foundation have been assisting Nyoman and his family since December 2015.

In a joint venture with Bali Hearts Lovina, Global Village Foundation have built a new Bathroom with a bath for Nyoman. This new bathroom allows Nyoman for the first time to properly treat his skin condition by soaking in a cool bath, softening the skin, and thus enabling the removal of the excess skin build up by Exfoliation. Global Village Foundation provides Nyoman with Specially made Exfoliating Gloves to assist with the exfoliation process, and also provides Skincare products and Body lotions to help reduce the symptoms of this terrible and incurable skin condition. A Global Village project Co-ordinator visits Nyoman and his family at least once a month to deliver Skin care products.

With the computer skills he is now learning Nyoman hope to one day start his own business.

GVF will work with him to help him achieve that dream.

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