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A beautiful Gift from the children of Bundoora Primary School. Victoria, Australia

Bundoora Primary School is a small school in the northern suburbs of Melbourne in Australia. During the last year the grade 5/6 students (11 & 12 year olds) at the school commenced a Social Enterprise project making & selling art & handicrafts they themselves had made. to raise money to help others less fortunate than themselves in the developing world. Alongside this fundraising the children researched various Social issues, including Homelessness, Sanitation, Health & disease, hunger & famine, and the effects of Natural disasters on the developing World. After researching various charities the children decided they wished to donate the funds they had raised to the Global Village Foundation Bali, to help disabled, and impoverished children in North Bali. With half of the funds raised the children of Bundoora Primary were able to sponsor 4 new wheelchairs for children attending the SLB school for disabled children in Singaraja North Bali. On May 30th the Global Village team were privileged and pleased to deliver the four sponsored wheelchairs to the school for the four children in need. The remaining funds available will be used to fund learning aids (laptops, books, art materials etc) for several disabled children in North Bali who are unable to attend school at all because of their disabilities. More on that later. A big thank you to the children and Teachers of Bundoora Primary school for your support of, the Global Village Foundation Bali, and for making 4 physically challenged young people in North Bali very happy, and very much more comfortable.


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