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Water Filter Delivery

With a delivery of new Water filters to the Global Village Kafe in Lovina on Sunday 22 October by our friends at Vrienden voor Schoon Water Indonesië, the Global Village Foundation team were keen to get them delivered to those in need. And on Monday 23rd Team member Kadek visited Patemon Village near Seririt to deliver 2 of them. The first to the family of Ni Ketut Parianing, a sweet young 3 year old who sadly suffers from Down Syndrome. GVF have been assisting the family of very poor subsistence farmers for over a year with medical assistance & Food aid. The second filter to another very poor family of subsistence farmers living in the jungle on the outskirts of Desa Patemon. With a young baby of just 9 months old, clean drinking water has been of vital importance, Their only source of water is from the small stream nearby which before Sunday, needed to be boiled over an open fire from wood they had collected in the Forest. Thank you so very much from Global Village Foundation & and from our two very grateful families to the sponsors of Vrienden voor Schoon Water Indonesië, for donating the water filters. 

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