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Mount Agung Volcano Update

November 8 2017. As Mount Agung Volcano continues to rumble away, albeit in a slightly more subdued fashion, Global Village Foundation Bali visit Six of the many Mt. Agung Evacuee camps active in North Bali, as we continue to support the Evacuees from the 15 villages affected..These desperately poor people are still unable to return to their homes. For them, the torment of this crisis continues with no end in sight…..
Global Village Foundation wish to offer our most sincere thanks to all our generous supporters who are helping us maintain this crucial assistance, and especially to;

Adopt-A-School (Bali & Perth)
(Sherryn Reid)
(Cash Donation for the Food Staples)

Balinese Support Program (Jan Harvey)
Toiletries & Babywear

Vrienden voor schoon water Indonesie
(10 water filters)

Ralph & Susan (Germany)
for your very kind contributions

Also to our friends at PKH Tejakula.
Ngurah Angga. Adek Bali
for your very kind assistance always

plus our many supportive friends in North Bali,
and around the World who make
what we do possible.

Thank you.

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