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A new wheelchair for Komang. age 12

Yesterday, January 12, The GVF team travelled 3 hours south to Denpasar to deliver a ‘Wheelchairs for Kids’ wheelchair to this young man. His name is Komang, and he is 12 years old. He is a Mount Agung Evacuee from the Village of Tunas Sari in Kubu on Mount Agung. He is currently being cared for by the Bunga Bali Foundation in Denpasar, and receiving treatment at the Sanglah Public Hospital for the rare condition of Bone tuberculosis, or Potts disease, as it’s known in the West. It is a disease he has been suffering from for the last 2 years, before beginning treatment at Sanglah Hospital around 3 weeks ago. Bunga Bali Foundation last week put out a call for a Childrens Wheelchair for young Komang, and the Global Village Foundation were pleased to be able to assist. It was good to visit Bunga Bali Foundation to deliver the Wheelchair For Kids wheelchair and to see first hand their facilities, and the amazing work that the Bunga Bali Foundation does. We thank Bunga Bali Foundation for their kindness, and invitation to visit, and we wish Young Komang, a very brave young man indeed, a speedy, and full recovery.

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