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A walking frame for a Holyman

On Saturday 9 December 2017 The Global Village team visited the Village of Kaba Kaba in Tabanan, South Bali, to bring a wheelchair to the Pemangku ( holyman) I Gusti Ngurah Rai Dana of Pura Batur Arya Belog Temple in Kaba Kaba. On January 19 we returned to visit him, to find him conducting a ceremony at a nearby house. He told us that some feeling had returned to his legs, as a result of being able to sit in the wheelchair, in stead of constantly sitting on a cold stone floor. We provided him a new walking frame and he was able to return to the nearby ceremony on foot. He will retain the wheelchair to get to his temple which is a greater distance away than he is able to walk, but will use the walking frame for moving around the home, and the near neighbourhood.

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