For Adults

In the past in Bali, there has been little attention paid to the special needs of its disabled people. Wheelchair access to buildings was very rare and almost no disabled person had access to a wheelchair anyway. As a result, most disabled people, young & old alike, would usually never get to go beyond the confines of the family home.

This is still largely the case, though the situation is slowly changing with both the National Government & the Provincial Bali Government passing Accessibility laws, and focusing more upon the needs of Disabled people.

With more than 10,000 Bali Adults desperately needing wheelchairs or other Mobility devices in order to  live better lives, it is indeed a massive task for any one organization to provide such equipment to so many with special needs.

Working in Partnership with Dinas Sosial Bali (The Social Services Department of local Government) and other aid agencies in Bali, Global Village Foundation has worked hard to play its part, by providing Wheelchairs, and/or other disability aids wherever it can within its areas of operation and influence.  In 2016 Global village Foundation became the largest distributor of Adult Wheelchairs in North Bali, thanks in part to the kindness & generosity of the guests frequenting our Global Village Kafe in North Bali, but also to a small number of very generous Donors from around the World who donated to our Wheelchair Fund during 2016.

There is still a very long way to go, and with your help, Global Village Foundation Bali is planning to go there, building upon the success of 2016 with a target to distribute more than 200 wheelchairs for 2017.

Wheelchairs for Adults