For Kids

It is estimated (UN) that approximately 4.5% of Indonesia’s population is disabled, of which half are children, and 10% of those require a wheelchair. If these figures are accurate it suggests that there are nearly 100,000 disabled children in Bali alone, with 10,000 needing wheelchair. A massive task for any organization to provide wheelchairs to so many children with special needs. Too big for Government, too big for any one aid agency.

Working in Partnership with the most amazing organization, WHEELCHAIRS FOR KIDS of Perth Western Australia, and also alongside the Children’s Welfare Department of local Government and other aid agencies in Bali, Global Village Foundation seeks to play its part, by providing Wheelchairs, and/or other disability aids wherever it can within its areas of operation and influence.

In 2016 Global village Foundation became the largest distributor of Children’s Wheelchairs in North Bali, thanks primarily to the delivery of a large number of All terrain Custom Wheelchairs from WHEELCHAIRS FOR KIDS, and also a number of very generous Donors from around the World who donated to our Wheelchair Fund.

Rizki – A little boy who knows no limits

Gede Darmantes new wheelchair

Wheelchairs For Kids in North Bali